Correction projection in ArcMap from WGS 1984 to UTM NAD 1983 Zone 17

Probably one of the most common problem for any ArcMap user is the projection.  When map making, it is important to use the correct map projection to represent a location as effectively as possible.  When mapping small regions, districts or countries, it is important to project your data to a Universal Mercator Transformation (UTM).  In this video, we take a set of WGS 1984 maps and reproject it to UTM NAD 1983 Zone 17 for Toronto, Ontario.

In this video, batch operations can be handy for large data processes.  Personally, I like to prepare them in advance in MS Excel and copy it over, just in case I make modification on specific datasets.  You will also notice that we can run operation one-at-a-time.

You’ll also notice that we also employed a Geographic Transformation.  If you need more information on this, let me know.  I can certainly make a video for this.



  1. hello, I have a problem with a georeferenced raster image wgs while I have my utm shapefiles. I tried to follow the procedure as her videos, but when I go to upload files to ecw, these are not visible and therefore can not perform the transformation. can help me on this problem?


    1. Hi Marco,

      Sorry for the late response. We have recently stopped using the WordPress blog for conversation using Google+ and Twitter (; however, you and many others have expressed interest for me to continue using WordPress because explanation has been limited on YouTube. I may consider going back to this platform.

      Regarding your question, *.ECW, according to Wikipedia is an Intergraph (Hexagon) format ( ). If that is the case, it may be difficult for me to answer your question simply because my tutorials are based on ESRI ArcMap 10 and MapWindow-based formats. I can certainly ask someone at Integraph; however, I am sure you will get a very fast response if you post your question on Twitter.


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