Mapping basics with Symbology Quantiles

This week, I chose to focus on a four-part series on Symbology.  When you play with polygon shapefiles, it’s always fun to set the Symbology settings.  But in ArcMap 10, there are so many options, making it quite scary.  My four-part video series aims to at least break this barrier down.  Part 1 focuses on Quantiles, which tries to divide map elements easily.

You’ll notice that as we divide map elements. You can see in the video I had 5 class breaks.  Within those 5 class breaks, I had approximately 420 elements.

From a user perspective, during my undergraduate years, I found Cartography: Thematic Map Design by Borden D. Dent, Jeffrey S. Torguson and Thomas W.
Hodler very useful in understanding the theory behind this Symbology tool.


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