Open your GIS data in Google Earth by converting Layer to KML in ArcMap

Presenting to a crowd on your GIS work can be stressful. But what adds to the stress is when the hardware you’re supplied at a conference location lacks software you need to present. Usually asking for an ArcGIS 10 installation can be a very steep request because ESRI software isn’t cheap. Not to mention, you don’t know what the default settings are and there are sooo many things that can go awry.

So to solve this, why not convert your basic polygon to KML and use Google Earth. What’s great about Google Earth is the free installation. In addition, if you decide to share your data with non-ESRI users, its easy for them to load up when you provide them a 1-2-3 instructional guide.

So today’s blogpost features a video I did way back in 2013. This uses Vancouver Open Data, Google Earth and ArcMap 10. In brief, we imported a polygon into ArcMap, used the conversion tool then opened it up in Google Earth.

If you’re like me, sometimes you want to be able to extend use of your own products.
DOD LS430W with Advanced WDR Super Night Vision + 1080P 30FPS + G-Sensor + GPS Logger + F1.6 Aperture

Recently, I purchased a version of the DOD dash cam to hook up to my vehicle. Now, I was on a budget, so I went a little cheaper, with an external GPS plug-in option (just haven’t purchase the GPS receiver because I have one with a different end that could probably be modified). Usually any dashcam product that claims you can view in Google Maps will likely have the GPS output in a KML format. If not, you can always use ArcMap x and y coordinate import and convert. Anywho outputs from these products can be useful for marking your driving routes or present pathways to people – even add it to a later analysis.

Until next time, happy GIS-ing!


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