The end of My Tracks


The end of My Tracks….in April 2016.

I have always been a skeptic of updates, so before updating My Tracks with the January 21 release, I scrolled over to the comments.  Comments are always useful,  they often save you from moving to the point of no return on an app.  So I started reading these comments and people had very colourful comments like Derek Cho saying “Please don’t kill My Tracks!”  So the curious me obviously Googled and I found Heena’s blog expressing the sad news.

So, as much as I would like to generate more vids on My Tracks, its a dead end (totally sucks,My Tracks and I were going to jog in the spring when igloo living subsided to bring warm weather….because you know Canada weather — there’s a half joke there…sorry).

So before this app goes extinct,I would recommend giving it a try…just like how you gave Neopets, a vitual pet a try. 😉  In the mean time, I’ll post my one and only other video on My Tracks soon enough,  while I poke through the *kmz output.

It’s not all sad, don’t forget, you can use other apps to do the same functionality.   Read my post describing this, Click Here.  Yohann posts on his blog (I’ve taken the liberty to paraphrase en anglais, Click here for his full post en francais):

Google has also proposed a list of other applications (including compatible third-party applications) that you can try, such as Google Fit, Strava, Endomondo, Map My Run, Map My Hike, GPS Logger for Android, GPX Viewer.

Going back to the topic on Comments, I’d like to thank all YouTube viewers for your brave comments and questions on my video…its scary to ask for help, but your comments also help other Viewers who embark on similar challenges.   As always, we try to attend to your Comments as humanly as we can and we try to give meaningful advice with what information you do share.   Feel free to share your My Tracks experiences with video or screenshots,  we’d love to hear your experiences.

Click Here for a link to our My Tracks Tutorial

We’ll catch you in the next video!