How to #Draw a #Polygon on #GoogleMap in #BieberTown

Learn how to #draw a #polygon on #GoogleMap.  This video takes place in #JustinBieber
town #Stratford *teenage screams to follow*.

In this tutorial, we show you how to draw a polygon.  What I didn’t mention at the end of the video is that you can export your polygon, using the uber cool integration with Google Drive (gotta love the Google suite integration).


Exported Polygon in Google Drive

For this tutorial, we did it on Android Google Maps, the biggest secret is not to use App, rather use the Browser version.  Unfortunately the Andriod App does not have the capabilities (maybe in the future?).  Thus, you will also need Internet or Data to run this tutorial.

The coolest thing about this feature is the ability to share your map, seeing that it integrates with Google Drive.  For anyone who was a pre-ArcMap 9.2 user, just starting off, you might remember when you work with other people and you had to define the boundaries of a polygon because to share a shp file, you had to email or save on the network (don’t forget to exit it).  I remember the old days of telling people the coordinates (hoping they have the projection identical) or telling them the cities to select to generate the similar polygon.  So with Google Maps, you eliminate all of that, you can generate and share, you don’t even have to use a commercial software to share (awesome!).

So, give this tutorial a try.  Follow along right in the cool historical town of Stratford (home of Shakespearean plays and Justin Bieber – I wonder if Selena Gomez sat in for a summer play).  As always if you found this video interesting, useful, Thumbs Up!  See you in the next video!


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