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Using #GIS #Model #Builder to correct #projection and #convert #polygon to #raster

When you have finally gotten used to converting data layers, another feature in ESRI’s tools box is the model builder. This tool allows you to actually employee a number of steps all at once, kind of like a batch process. It’s a bit trick at first, but when you get the hang of it, the Model Builder process flow diagram is a great thing to share with other collaborators so that everyone processes the data the same way. Have a look at my 3-part video.

Still want more information? Well there are a number of resources you can look up online and in print. Here’s one from ESRI press:

Getting to Know ArcGIS ModelBuilder by David W. Allen

Happy GIS-ing!


Correction projection in ArcMap from WGS 1984 to UTM NAD 1983 Zone 17

Probably one of the most common problem for any ArcMap user is the projection.  When map making, it is important to use the correct map projection to represent a location as effectively as possible.  When mapping small regions, districts or countries, it is important to project your data to a Universal Mercator Transformation (UTM).  In this video, we take a set of WGS 1984 maps and reproject it to UTM NAD 1983 Zone 17 for Toronto, Ontario.

In this video, batch operations can be handy for large data processes.  Personally, I like to prepare them in advance in MS Excel and copy it over, just in case I make modification on specific datasets.  You will also notice that we can run operation one-at-a-time.

You’ll also notice that we also employed a Geographic Transformation.  If you need more information on this, let me know.  I can certainly make a video for this.