layer properties

ArcMap 10 Layer properties, brief walk through

The ArcMap layer properties is my go-to window for many thing.  Throughout my videos, you’ll see that I check my projection under the Source Tab or pretty up my map using the Symbology Tab.  Have a look at my video: ArcMap 10 Layer properties, brief walk through.

Three take home messages:

  1. You can change the name of your dataset in Layer Properties General Tab (or click on the dataset once and then a second delayed click to manually edit)
  2. You can check your projection (very very important).  Simply go to the Source Tab.
  3. You can change your Symbology.  For polyline data (shapefiles that are lines), you can change the line colour, maybe add ticks for railway.  For polygon data (shapefiles that are polygons) you can change the fill with  a full colour or hatch it.  For a point data (shapefiles that are polygons) you can change the miniature point.  Maybe you want to signify airport with a plain or a dam structure with an upside down arrow (side note: is that the correct shape reference? feel free to correct me)

You’ll see in my video, I hover over some areas and skip others.  That’s personal preference.  Certainly every tab has its importance.  If there is something you’re curious on, let me know contact me or leave a comment. 🙂